Current Call Listing
Positions Date Posted
Journeyman Wireman 2 02/12/2016

Book I – 131

Book II – 29


The next short calls will start at number 63 with a sign date of December 1, 2015.

The following calls are for Monday, February 15th.

There is 1 JIW call for Rosendin to the Prefab Shop in Sherman. The foreman is Michael Moore. At this time the job is working 5-10's and 1-8. It should last a month, maybe more. It requires a Drug Test and a State License.

There is 1 JIW call for Boggs Electric to the Fort Worth area. The job should last about 3 weeks. It requires a Drug Test, Background Check and a State Journeyman License.

Number 25 has a sign date of August 24th, 2015.


LOCAL 20 now has a NEW TOLL-FREE telephone Number: 855-263-1112

Updated 3:31PM 2/12/2016.

Positions Date Posted
Construction Electrician / Wireman 0 02/12/2016

Local 20 currently seeks inside electrician helpers of all skill levels, entry level and up. If someone you know seeks work, or a summer job between college semesters, have them call extension 108. We expect to be busy though the end of the year at the very least.

ALL TELEDATA, VDV, applicants need to contact the dispatcher for job assignments.REMEMBER-IF YOU GET LAID OFF, QUIT, OR DISCHARGED MAKE SURE YOU GET A TERMINATION SLIP AND GET IT TO THE UNION HALL & REGISTER FOR WORK!! ALL CW's and CE"s need to contact the organizing dept. for job assignments